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God Temple

God Temple is a top-notch NFT marketplace showcasing limited edition artworks based on mythical God characters, collaborated with iconic artists from around the world.

Iconic Artists

We will collaborate with top artists from around the world to create the best artworks for collectors.

Mythical Gods

The artworks are based on the theme of mythical Gods with rich legacies, cultures and stories behind.

Digital Art God NFT

The born of digital art god NFT, deploying stories of old to create fresh new visual lexicons. You own the legacy, reflecting the ethical taste of the respective time periods.


Mythology tells values, morals, and ideologies in legacy.

Empowering you to uphold morals and own legacies with God Temple.

3 Tier Art God

God Temple exhibits digital God collectibles in a 3 tier hierarchical structure. The higher the tier, the richer the legacy of mythology, and the harder to collect.

To upgrade Gods from one tier to the next tier, you need to gift the Gods with MYTH tokens. Once you evolve a level 1 digital God, a level 2 NFT God will be minted. The original level 1 NFT God will remain but the gifted MYTH tokens will be burnt.

God Temple is the first NFT art gallery where the value and rarity of each artwork within the collection is not predetermined, but will change and adapt over many years before it takes its final form when the last $MYTH is burnt.

MYTH Token

The $MYTH Token is the native token of God Temple


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We collaborate with artists, brands, athletes, celebrities, and creaters to introduce extraordinary works to the world via blockchain.

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